Aero Bike fit

If you are looking for a bike fit to take your time trialling to the next level, then this is the bike fit for you!

At ADDFORM we use an unrestrictive bike jig in order to get you in to the best aerodynamic position, without needing to take your current bike to bits. The benefit to you is that you will not be restricted to your own bikes’ current setup meaning only one set of adjustments to your current bike. This means you get unlimited adjustments to get that perfect position we all strive for by trying positions you might not currently be able to get to with your current equipment.

Once the bike fit is done you will be given a report with side on and head on shots and all the measurements to go with it. Analysis of the head on shots from before and after will be provided to see if there has been a reduction in frontal area. Reducing frontal area is a key factor to making you go faster through the air which reduces that all important Cda figure. The report is there to give you confidence the new position is more aerodynamic than before; the proof will be the times on the result board!