Event Specific Training Plans

This package is will give you a great plan to train you towards a specific goal, whether it’s a sportive, time trial or just to get up that last hill on the chaingang!

  • Training plans through TrainingPeaks
  • Plans are off the shelf pre made for specific events, the powers for the sessions are based on FTP figures in TrainingPeaks
  • Plans will be limited to 3 months
  • Feedback will not be available
  • Bespoke training plans are available on request at a premium, contact below to find out

Training plans are set through Trainingpeaks.com and will send you daily workouts which you can link through to your Garmin, Wahoo or other GPS device. Linking the device account with TrainingPeaks means your data from every workout is loaded automatically in to the workout for the day.

Plans below will be one off plans to work towards your goal. It is possible to get a plan for your specific goal, contact for more detail if you want a bespoke plan for your event rather than an off the shelf plan.