Premium Coaching Package

This package is will give you all you need to train more effectively and improve your performance and get ever closer to your goals!

  • Premium edition TrainingPeaks account included
  • Personalised training prescription
  • Unlimited plan revisions
  • Initial lactate testing, HR, power & pace training zones
  • ​Lactate testing every 6 months (2 per year)
  • ​Strength & conditioning programme where necessary
  • Unlimited contact, within reason
  • Aero bike fit included*
  • ADDFORM – Vive le Velo Team membership (not essential)
  • Premium Skinsuit or Tri-suit included*

Training plans are set through and will send you daily workouts which you can link through to your Garmin, Wahoo or other GPS device. Linking the device account with TrainingPeaks means your data from every workout is loaded automatically in to the workout for the day.

The coach will be able to see the workouts completed and view all the data from your training enabling detailled feedback when required. This will mean you can get information to make your training more productive and get you to the goals you strive for.

Along with the training you will get an aerodynamic bike fit and any help you may need with your position on any bike for no extra cost.

With the premium coaching package you will get team membership to ADDFORM – Vive le Velo. A team based in East Yorkshire and will be part of a group of cyclists that compete on a regular basis at regional and national level. You will receive a premium quality skinsuit to compete in to gain you more precious seconds at the races!

£175 p/m

*Bike fit available either with 3 months upfront payment or 3 months of coaching completed
Skinsuit will be provided up front with commitment to race for the ADDFORM – Vive le Velo Team